Freddy. 17. Melbourne. Single.
Respect Is Essential. Love for Tattoos. Obsessed with Insanity. Alter-Persona: Jake Angel. 

The Five Eyes of the Panther:
- Respect
- Discipline
- Wisdom
- Knowledge
- Empathy

How can we sit in class and be forced to believe in something which may not exist
I watch the kid at the front of the class, guarding how his sleeves would react with every moment
Walking through the hall, I see a kid with a black rimmed eye, endorsed with colours
Sitting on the bus I observe a girl with layers upon layers of clothes, hiding the fact of her slim weight
I listen to the heavy panting of a boy behind me, panicking over a situation created in his mind
A sight of a boys teeth, yellow to the gum, makes me wonder if he kneels over the toilets at night
And yet, they still make us sit in class listening to lectures of something which may not exist
Instead they should teach us how to believe in ourselves, for we are existent